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  • It’s a Tuesday. It’s 6.30 AM. My brain is barely functioning but I’m listening to someone being interviewed on the radio. The two voices are discussing some of the contents of a report entitled SHELTER FROM THE STORM, co-written by Oxfam and Development Pathways. The key issue is the global need for universal social protection in times of Covid-19. The report examines how many of the world’s most vulnerable people are not getting sufficient help from their governments during the pandemic.

    I realize that we ourselves have been strained in many ways by the pandemic including how much our Christmas expectations and plans have been altered for 2020 but there continues to be many needs in this world to be filled and addressed beyond our own through the love of Jesus. If it is at all possible in your personal circumstances, explore the means by which we can reach out at this time of year to our global neighbours. I direct you to the WORLD RENEW gift giving catalogue that can be found in the following link below or by connecting with one of our deacons...

    In this season of celebrating God’s intentional loving presence among us through the Christ-child, let us commit ourselves to being the presence of Jesus among our neighbours everywhere, locally - and beyond. As I reflect once again personally on God’s love despite the burdens and challenges that 2020 has set before us, I pray that you will be blessed throughout this Christmas season of 2020 and may experience the love
    and presence of Jesus, the God-with-us. Carolyn and I and our family want to offer our thanks for the expressions of love, care and support we have received through Bethel Church during the past year. May God’s choicest blessings be yours for the year 2021.


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