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  • Nov20Fri


    November 20, 2020
         The Disability Concerns ministry of the CRCNA has been offering a discussion group / online gathering for caregivers. There are many behind-the-scenes faithful people serving someone who is ill or disabled or aged and needing assistance. Many people may even experience a sandwich feel to their caregiving, offering care to more than one person, juggling their time and energy in multiple situations. One of our members, Carolyn GN has been part of this study group which has been using the resource “Courage For Caregivers” by Marjorie J. Thompson. From a recent session discussing the challenges and the joys of caregiving, Carolyn pointed out the following quote…
         “…Jesus teaches unequivocally: “I was sick and you took care of me,” and “just as you did it for one of the least of these … you did it for me” (Matthew 25:36,40). It takes a faithful imagination to see the image of God in every person. There are times – unexpected moments breaking through the crust of ordinary perception – when God gives us eyes to see the hidden Christ in broken and beloved humanity. What could be more precious than to see the face of our humble Lord shining in the flesh and bone of another human being, weak and imperfect as we all are? What better gift could there be in this world?”(p.119)
         One can also reflect on the following question: If you have been a caregiver, even for a short season, what gifts have you experienced in that role? -EGN

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