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  • Dec11Fri

    Blue Christmas

    December 11, 2020

    In past seasons as part of one of our advent services, we have often included a time of remembrance, setting aside a few moments during worship to reflect on those whom we miss at this time of year especially and to contemplate our losses in general.  It is a moment similar to what some Christian traditions refer to as “Blue Christmas.” (Receive a free email series and ebook when you subscribe at ). A part of our previous services with this theme have included an opportunity to come forward to light a candle as we remember a loved one or reflect on some other deep loss in our lives.

                Why go through such an exercise? Consider the following: “While some Christians are alight with joy during the Christmas season, for many others it is a painful time as they grieve the death of someone they love or the loss of a dream, experience financial concerns, or work through relational difficulties.” (RW, September 2011) In the past this worship moment allowed us to both lament and await God’s renewed and eternal kingdom.  This year due to pandemic restrictions, our time of remembrance will be slightly different.  Of course, as with much of our worship, we can consider engaging in this time of reflection on our own in our homes, even lighting a candle for a few moments as we remember and contemplate. -EGN


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