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  • Sep25Fri

    Another Pandemic first

    September 25, 2020

    This past week included another pandemic first: an online classis meeting using ZOOM!  Typically and under non-pandemic conditions 3 delegates (from 28 invited churches) and sometimes an ‘alternate delegate’ will attend a meeting of the churches in our region (called Classis Chatham).  Depending on the location, attendance can involve over an hour of driving one way to arrive at the meeting. The gathering itself is an all-day meeting consisting of listening to reports, reviewing mutual ministry endeavours, examining potential ministry candidates and licensed exhorters (preachers), approving common ministry budgets and encouraging one another as churches and individuals through sharing stories, prayer and socializing during breaks. 

                Obviously, for this ZOOM meeting, there was no long-distance travel required but delegates were asked to be well prepared for the meeting by reading through over 100 pages of reports, charts, financial statements, sermons and correspondence.   In addition, there were over 2 hours worth of pre-recorded videos, interviews and sermons to view online before Tuesday’s meeting.  However, at the end of the session, even given the restrictions and the unprecedented form of our gathering, the meeting overall was a success!  Thanks to our council delegates Rose S, Peter O and alternate John V T for all their extra and out-of-the-ordinary work and preparation for this meeting!  The question remains as to whether our next classis meeting will also be by ZOOM.    -EGN 
    ps. next week’s ENDNOTES: another pandemic first update, a CCNL meeting online.

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