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  • Jun19Fri

    A New Beginning

    June 19, 2020

    One of the lectionary readings in the church calendar scheduled for the third Sunday past Pentecost includes the story of Genesis 12:1-9. It is the story of Abraham and Sarah. They enter God’s story in Genesis rather abruptly, as if just dropped in. Their sudden appearance and this chapter are indicative of a new beginning, a call to go to a new place and a summons to be God’s partners in blessing the nations, blessing those around them.

    In our challenging times today, we can find many parallels between Genesis 12, Abraham and Sarah and our stories. In many ways as a society and as a church we are facing what some might see as a new beginning, a new opportunity that we have been abruptly thrust into. We can see ourselves as being called to go to a place we’ve never been before, a Covid-19 shaped world. In this new world (as has actually always been the case) we are being summoned by God to be his partners in blessing those around us with God’s good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are we ready to be part of a new beginning?

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