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  • Apr16Fri

    Zoom course

    April 16, 2021
    I completed the first half of the online course on transition and change in congregations and parishes
  • Apr9Fri

    Church education

    April 9, 2021
    This past week we ended our church education session with our senior elementary students and our high school students at Bethel.
  • Apr2Fri

    Celebrate Easter

    April 2, 2021
    How will you celebrate Easter Sunday?
  • Mar26Fri

    Holy week

    March 26, 2021
    Starting today we begin what the church throughout history has referred to as “Holy Week” which leads up to Easter Sunday.
  • Mar19Fri

    Racist attacks

    March 19, 2021
    You may have read or heard through some newsfeeds of the increase of racist attacks directed at people of Asian-descent since the beginning of the pandemic. 
  • Mar12Fri

    ‘What is the church?’

    March 12, 2021
    ...yet another opportunity for followers of Jesus to revisit the “big questions” of ‘What is the church?’
  • Mar5Fri


    March 5, 2021
    At Bethel Church we have entered into a 40 Day period of discernment.
  • Feb26Fri


    February 26, 2021
    As I write this entry, I remember my dad’s passing 8 years ago.
  • Feb19Fri

    Lent and snow

    February 19, 2021
    In a key part of his prayer, David utilizes the image of a clean, fresh snowfall as he imagines the impact of God’s cleansing grace.
  • Feb12Fri

    Our Journey 2025

    February 12, 2021
    A newer set of milestones entitled “Our Journey 2025” have been established