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Bethel Church is a place to...

                   CONNECT  .  GROW  .  CARE

We connect to God and his love in Jesus Christ.

We grow in our practice and knowledge of God's love through the working of the Holy Spirit.

We care for each other and those in the community following the pattern of Jesus.  


Thinking about visiting Bethel CRC for the first time? We look forward to welcoming you into our fellowship of faith.

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Office Administrator

The Stewards of Bethel CRC welcome applications for the part-time position of Office Administrator in the church office. 

Please contact the office for a job description if interested. 

Coming Events


  • Nov30Sat

    Meeting the needs of those around us

    November 30, 2019
    Every so often it happens that someone with great need will either phone the church or show up at the church doors, desperately looking for some practical help.